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Male 15s Player PathwayFemale 15s Player PathwayAs with all sports, in rugby there is a clearly defined participation pathway that enables individuals to progress from Community based programs in Clubs and Schools through to Regional representative programs and events and then to Provincial programs and finally National Team selection.

The pathway from Club and School to Regional, Provincial and National is now very clear as athletes move from Club and School teams to representing their Regions at U14 Boys-U18 Mens Level and the U15 Girls - U18 Womens Level. For all players in North and Central Vancouver Island, the second stage in their pathway is with the Tsunami Rugby Academy. These Regional teams compete annually at the Provincial Regional Championships (PRCs) in late June (U14-U16) and early July (U17-U18), held in Burnaby.

From the PRC's, BC U18 Mens, BC U18 Womens, BC U16 Mens, U16 Girls, U15 Boys, U15 Girls and U14 Boys teams are selected to compete at the Rugby Canada National Age Grade Championships in mid-August. Since selection for Provincial and National teams (stage three and four) start with tracking and identifying players through the Tsunami Academy (and other regional academies), players who do not participate in regional side rugby will not be eligible to play Provincial and National sides.

At the Rugby Canada National Championships, athletes are considered for selection to Rugby Canada National Teams at the various levels for Men and Women such as National U17 Men and U18 Women and National U20 Men and Women.

The Tsunami Academy is a year-round rugby academy dedicated to the promotion of rugby excellence through education and participation of junior players, coaches and referees for the North Vancouver Island Region.
North Vancouver Island Rugby Union
     The Academy program is linked directly to LTAD/LTRD principles and the BC Rugby Pathway
. These guiding principles underline the Academy’s goals of offering opportunities for education and participation for multiple levels and streams of rugby development which include male and female pathways, 15s and 7s streams, referee and coach development, opportunities and resources.
      The Academy seeks to complement – not interfere or replace – the quality work being done at NVIRU clubs and schools. However, it is a reality
that certain clubs and schools with limited resources, time and finances would like more support – that is where will the Academy will have the most involvement. It is our hope that all parties of interest in the region will see this as a benefit to the development and strengthening of rugby in the North and Central Island and there support the new NVIRU Tsunami Academy initiative.

      Therefore, the NVIRU Tsunami Academy’s primary focus will be on promoting rugby education and participation in partnership with the schools and clubs in north a nd central Vancouver Island. This includes providing support to clubs and schools that need help in increasing participation levels, finding funding or providing expertise in skill development. Special attention will paid towards designing a development plan for educating and developing potential regional, provincial and national team players. For schools and club that do not currently their own development plans, the Tsunami Academy wil l provide rugby specific strength and conditioning programs and will be providing higher quality rugby matches to those aspiring provincial and national players. The above objectives will fall under several topics are to be addressed in more detail in the Tsunami Academy Blueprint, they include:

  1. Clinics – Specific Skill Development

  2. Training Camps – I.D. Camps and Trials

  3. Tracking of Player Development and Evaluations


  4. Rugby Specific Strength and Condition Workouts

  5. Rugby Education: Nutrition and Laws

  6. Support and Partnership with Clubs and Schools

  7. Increased Opportunities for Higher Quality Rugby Competitions & Matches

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  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Health and Waiver Information
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